Short Story Accepted to Tales From the Lake, Vol. 4

Time for some good news. My story, “The Story of Jessie and Me,” has been accepted for Crystal Lake Publishing‘s anthology Tales From the Lake, Vol. 4.

I’m thrilled! Crystal Lake is doing great things, and it’s a family I’ve wanted to be a part of for a while.

I’m passionate about this story and this anthology. Go check out the previous volumes if you haven’t, and check this one out later this year. They also have a fantastic library of horror novels to choose from.

A little about the story and the anthology: Crystal Lake stresses that the anthology is not themed. That said, I feel like the inspiration for the story fits with the atmosphere of being in the wilderness. In “The Story of Jessie and Me,” I was interested in the idea of writing a piece in which voice was my primary creative driver. The impetus for it was the concept of an old man sitting at a camp fire in the apocalypse and telling his story. It’s a figurative and literal origin story of sorts.

I like to call it a straightforward, no-nonsense, post-apocalyptic tale. It’s about an unnamed narrator and the titular character Jessie as they adjust, transform, bond, and seek to survive in the harsh lands of central Texas. Ironically, considering the title of the anthology, one of the story’s central themes is the characters’ natural struggle for water.

I think the story’s strength is its honesty, heart, and powerful ending. I think it’s both horrifying and emotionally moving. If you couldn’t tell, I’m passionate about this one, and I hope if you read it, you’ll recognize my passion.

Thanks to Ben Eads, who’s editing the anthology, and thanks to fellow author Slade Grayson for reading a draft of the story and giving me some great ideas. Slade, by the way, has a new novel releasing this month. It’s a sequel to his Autumn Moon, which I loved. Be sure to check it out.

Finally, thanks to Joe Mynhardt for running an awesome publishing company that gives aspiring authors opportunities. I’m proud to be a part of the Tales From the Lake anthology series.

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