New Story Coming From Air and Nothingness Press

I’m just dropping by here quickly to record for whoever reads these things that I will have a short story in the upcoming anthology, We Are All Thieves of Somebody’s Future, from Air and Nothingness Press. Right now, it’s scheduled for a May 2024 launch, and I think there will be a limited number of copies printed and available only from the publisher, so be on the lookout for more to ensure you can get yours.

My story is called “Starlight Vigil,” and it has a special place in my heart because I was experimenting with time’s role in storytelling structure. If you’ve ever heard me get nerdy about fiction-writing craft, you might know I have a thing for nonlinear storytelling. It’s something of a faux pas and goes against the grain of conventional wisdom, but I don’t care. Extended flashbacks? Love them. Time dilation? Yes please. Chronology distortion? Uh huh.

In “Starlight Vigil,” I wanted to tell a simple story with a heart rooted in one heroic character’s sacrifice, and I wanted to present the story in such a way that we focus not on the fact that a character has died (not a spoiler; it’s the opening lines of the story), but why, the effect their life has on the others who continue, and the legacy their sacrifice creates.

My hope is that, because of the perspective and the presentation given to the events in this story through a nonlinear, multidirectional timeline, readers might see a tragic story through a lens of hope.

The non-nerdy description of my story is that a micrometeorite punches a hole in a generation ship carrying the last of humanity, and an engineer sacrifices herself to save the vessel—presented out of order and in reverse as well as forward.

Anyway, I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy of this anthology when it’s available, and I hope you enjoy my story as well as the pieces by the other authors. I’m eager to read them, myself.

So … I Started a Substack, Let Me into Your Email Inbox!

For years, I’ve been meaning to get a email newsletter thingy going, but I’ve struggled to find a satisfactory service and the requisite amount of gumption to do that. I’ve finally settled on Substack, so if you’re tired of mashing the refresh button on this website or searching through your social media feed for my lovely face (both of which are likely to leave you profoundly disappointed), you now can let me into your email inbox once a month and get all of my news, updates, announcements, essays, reviews, bonus content, and more where you’re sure you won’t miss it.

But, Tim, I already subscribe to tons of Substacks. Why is yours different?

I’ve found most fiction writers’ Substacks lean toward writers or readers in their audience. My aim is to have something for both readers and writers in each issue. If you do both things, great! But if you’re a reader who doesn’t care about fiction writing craft, don’t worry. I won’t only be talking about the nuts and bolts of fiction. Conversely, if you’re a writer who doesn’t care about my thoughts on literature, you can look forward to monthly tips, tricks, insight, inspiration, and exercises. Or, if you just want to support a fiction writer and keep tabs on what I’m up to, that’s going to happen, too. Whatever the case, I just want to help people continue their passion for storytelling and keep moving forward in their endeavors. I have some fun stuff planned for the next few months or so as I experiment with it, so exciting times!

To subscribe to my shiny new Substack, click here. As always, if you prefer to connect with me on social media, the links are in the footer of this website and elsewhere. Click to your heart’s content. Don’t be reckless, though. There’s ne’er-do-wells afoot!