Paul Semel Interview on Carrier, My Influences, and My Dog

Over at, Media Journalist Paul Semel interviewed me about Carrier and some other stuff. Paul asked some really good questions, and some of them were pretty tough. This whole interview thing is new to me, but it’s interesting how curious people asking questions gets me to think about things I never thought about (at least consciously) or even thought about needing to answer. Anyway, check it out if you haven’t already.

Kerry Alan Denney Bends Reality to Bring You Q&A


Over at Kerry Alan Denney’s website, he’s got a nice little Q&A with me about … stuff. It was a good time, and Kerry asked some interesting questions from details on Carrier to hypothetical situations intended to dive deep into my psyche. I hope those questions didn’t dive head first because they could hurt themselves in this shallow water.

Head on over to Kerry’s website, and check out the interview. While you’re at it, click around and check out Kerry’s work. That’s Kerry on the right. I had to include it here because it’s obligatory and awesome.

No, that isn’t photoshop. Yes, he can do that in real life. Would I lie to you? It isn’t like I make stuff up all the time or anything.