The Journey Begins

I would be remiss if I failed to post here on the day that I evolved from normal human into radiating beacon of literary authority and genius, but seeing as how all that happened today was my first novel hit Amazon, I wasn’t sure if anything needed to be said.

The spirit of jest and humility aside, I’m very excited a piece of my work that I legitimately poured my love into is finally out there and ready for you to read. Be gentle. Don’t stare. Don’t say things like, “I just want to talk,” when it’s clear you want more. Be honest with her, and she will take control. It’s what she does. Just open your mind and let her slip inside. The sharp pains are her hooks. She’s going to be in there a while.

I don’t know what I’m writing. It’s been a long day of trying to inform everyone and their brother that today is a monumental day in literary history, but there’s so much static to cut through. That’s why I need you, dear reader, if you’re there. Are you there? I’ve been waiting for you, but I expect it will be some time yet before we’re acquainted. Until then, if you happen upon my novel and read it and like it, pass it on to a friend. Then I hope you stick around.

We’re just getting started, you and me. Carrier is only the beginning, and I have big plans for us. I hope you come with me.

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