Carrier e-book Hours Away, Print Version Hiccup

Whenever you work on something for years and the moment when it will come to fruition approaches, it’s hard to tame your excitement. It’s hard to contain the explosion of emotions. It’s hard to keep your organs inside your torso. That’s where I am right now.


The interesting thing about publishing is things rarely happen exactly at the time you want them to. This is a big, complex machine with many talented people working on many awesome things, and Carrier is just a small cog in that machine.

And consider that Carrier isn’t really just one product, but several going to several markets. It’s just a lot to collaborate.

So we’ve had a little, tiny, teensy-weensy hiccup. Tonight, at midnight, the e-book version will be available on schedule, but I’m told the print version will take an extra day or two.

Okay, so when you lob the basketball from the other end of the court, you want to see that swish, but you know what? If it hits the backboard first, it’s just as good. In the grand scheme, it takes just a little longer to go in the hoop, but it goes in the hoop all the same. That clock has stopped. You’re holding your breath. And you can see the ball coming down. You’re going to win. It’s just one more moment.

So if you’re in the mood for a print novel, I hope you all can hold off on buying whatever else comes out this week instead. The print edition of Carrier will be in online stores very soon, and it’ll be worth the wait.

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