The Pillars of Dawn

A light in the darkness…

Humanity is spreading throughout the cosmos. For an age, we have reveled in our ability to touch the stars. Now, we are breathing life into new worlds and calling them home.

On the planet Lumen, a once seemingly lifeless and frozen rock, generations have toiled at the Pillars of Dawn to make it habitable. As Lumen’s atmosphere nears stability, something dark stirs in the wild.

One night, a young couple from the colony Vale goes missing in the forest beyond the perimeter wall. The colonists embark upon a search and rescue operation, but they find the wild to be a much more alien and dangerous place than they could have ever imagined.

As Vale faces strife within its walls, the darkness outside the colony threatens the pillars. Something has come from deep within the planet, and it wants its world back.

“Timothy Johnson is as adept at handling a sweeping story set on an alien world as he is at the quieter character moments. Reading THE PILLARS OF DAWN is like watching a slow-burning fuse traveling toward a planet-sized stick of dynamite.” —Slade Grayson, author of AUTUMN MOON

“THE PILLARS OF DAWN is immersive and complex, yet it cuts to the bone. Terrifying and exhilarating, a slow-burn sci-fi fantasy.” —Nick DeWolf, author of FRIGHTFULLY EVER AFTER and PULLING STRINGS